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Welcome to WTFGs Wikia

Welcome all to the Wikia dedicated to the RP server, [The Forgotten Generation]. Here you can find all of the characters added by fellow members that are a part of the rp server. You are free to edit at your own free will, just please be sure to edit only your cats. The staff team will be editing all pages when needed. If you are having problems, please refer to our step by step info page which can be found here. To learn extra little things; view the pages below:

How to link names in the infobox



Please use common sense on this Wikia. I shouldn't have to write down every specific thing.

  1. Please only add, edit and delete your own cats. All cats belonging to members who leave or quit will be deleted
  2. Please use the template marked Use Me and no others.
  3. Only the staff team may edit all clan pages. If you need help, please contact one of them on discord
  4. Reference photos will be colored in by the editing team unless you are able to do it yourself. Please use the provided template only. All other artwork can go in the correct tab on the character page
  5. Please do not use Warrior Wikia templates here. We are trying to use them as an influence, not copy them. Any W.W templates found on here will cause deletion of the character and give said user a warning
  6. Please only fill out the info you need on the template, you CAN leave things blank and come back to them. Don't fret if it's not in order on the editor, this is perfectly fine and will file in order when you save new edits
  7. Cats up for adoption should NOT be added until it has been adopted
  8. Rouges, Loners, and Kitty-pets are permitted, just put None in the clan column
  9. If you are having problems, do NOT try to figure it out and delete stuff. Alert one of the staff members and they will handle it
  10. Any modifications needed for a template is to be directed to Shiv and NOT done on your own. The templates belong to SHIV, so they make any major template edits.

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